Did You Know?

This year, NCS has 134 students in the preschool through 12th grade. 

  • 26 students in Preschool
  • 48 students in the Lower School
  • 46 students in the Upper School
  • 14 part time students

The school has 25 faculty members, 17 of which go to New Covenant Church.

The school has its own guidance counselor, library and librarian, along with art and music teachers for Kindergarten through fifth grade.  In the Upper School, NCS offers a variety of electives including Missions, Photography, Conditioning, SAT Prep, Theater, Typing, and Creative Writing.  

16 of NCS’s teachers earned education degrees and are certified to teach.

There are private piano and strings lessons offered during the school day, along with an Anderson School of Dance class and a Soccer Shots program for preschoolers. 

NCS had 35 of its students participate in the CAVS program as a football player, cheerleader, flag team member, or on the CAVS Crew.

This winter the school has 46 students in grades 1st through 12th playing basketball, 43 for New Covenant teams.