Pinewood Derby

New Covenant School recently hosted its very first Pinewood Derby. This event was organized by our third grade teacher, Mrs. Alisa Lamb. She as assisted by her daughters, Caroline and Rebecca, along with Mrs. Carole Phillips and her son, Will.  Mr. Ron Cromer provided the track and conducted the race for the school. There were 28 cars entered in this year's race.  Afterwards there were snacks and prizes! The update below is courtesy of Mrs. Lamb's blog,

Thanks to everyone who raced, who helped, and who cheered!  We cannot wait to do it again next year!

There were traffic lights,
and a stop sign,
some dipsticks,
engine heaters,
and grease swabs too!
You can't have a race with out a few spare tires,
and traffic cones are a must!
All "parts" of our first annual NCS Pinewood Derby!
There was a cool race track,
and a whole load of super cool derby cars!
Some to race, and some to eat!
Everybody got "fueled up"...
...and ready to race!
But not without a "Pit Pass!"
There were racers here,
racers there,
racers, racers,
We got our instructions,
started our "engines,"
and cheered for a win!
It was a "fast track finish" for these top five...
... but the jolly good time was a win for all!
I'd say our first derby was a smashing success!
And we can't wait for the next!