End of the Year Wrap-Up and Report Cards


The school year is winding down and teachers are beginning to clean up and organize their rooms.  Part of this process is collecting all school issued books and materials.  All families need to be aware that they will be charged for any school materials that are lost or are excessively damaged.  By excessive, the school means beyond the wear and tear of a normal school year.  The school understands that at times used items are issued.  If these items are lost or destroyed, their will be a restocking fee charged.

All charges, fees and tuition must be paid by June 6th in order for a family to receive a report card.  If there is an out-standing balance a report card will not be issued and the family will be locked out of 'Gradelink'.  Upon receiving of all monies, a family will be able to access all the end of year academic information.

A reminder that Report Cards will be issued and made public on June 6th.