Faculty Update - The Arts and Sciences

New Covenant School is pleased to announce some changes for the upcoming school year in regards to the arts and science classes. Image

Mrs. Debbie Smith will be teaching Music to our preschool through 5th grade students. This will allow for Mrs. Smith to focus on our music program and help it to develop to the fullest.

Image With Mrs. Smith's transition to focusing on Music, Mrs. Rachel Ghany will now be teaching Kindergarten through 5th grade science. Mrs. Ghany will work on developing themes of study throughout our Grammar School classes as the students will all cycle through various units at the same time.       Image

Additionally, Mrs. Kaitlyn Rountree (formerly Webb) will now be teaching Kindergarten through 5th grade art, after focusing on K5 - 2nd grade art last year.  Again, this will allow for Mrs. Rountree to develop our art program to the level we desire it to be.   Mrs. Rountree will also be overseeing the development of our Art Room and After Care Program.


Finally, as previously announced, Miss Bethany Rountree will be teaching Middle School and High School art classes this school year. This is the first step in expanding our arts programs to the Upper School. We will be looking to add music in the near future. And in the month of July we will be finalizing the offerings for our Elective classes.  Stay tuned!