New Opportunity - Indoor Soccer

Displaying photo.JPGNew Covenant School has the opportunity to enter teams for an indoor soccer league this fall. The league is associated with the Anderson Church Athletic Association (ACAA) which is who New Covenant School partners with for our basketball teams.The indoor soccer league is as follows...Coed 5, 6, & 7 year olds (age cutoff is date is 8/1/14)Game Days – Monday, Thursday and Saturday morningsGame Times – 6:00 & 6:45 during the week.Maximum of 8 per team as there are 5 on the court at a timeEquipment – Size 5 Fuzzy Indoor Soccer Ball & regular size goalsTime – Four 6 minute quarters with a running clock (minus a few exceptions)Fees – Estimated to be about $30Season Starts week of Labor Day and runs through OctoberIf you are interested, please contact Mr. Canney ( as NCS needs to notify the league of how many teams will be entered by July 28th.