New Drop Off Procedure!!!



We have had a great beginning to the school year!  Many, many new faces and families have been a true blessing!  One thing that is different this year is that our Preschool and our School are both starting at the same time.  Thus, drop off is occurring at the same time.  For the first few days many families have been arriving early and walking their children in.  This is of course wonderful!  But as we now begin to settle into our routine, we want to establish our Drop Off procedure.

On Wednesday, 8/27, we will begin our new Drop Off procedure to ensure first the safety of our children and secondly that everyone can get through in a timely manner.  You can refer to the rather cute map above as a guide.  On Wednesday, Mr. Canney and some of our Junior and Senior students will be directing traffic for Drop Off so that everyone knows where to go.

A few key points...

  • The parking lot on the far right of the map (the end of our lot) is reserved for parents who want to park and walk their child in.  This is NOT a drive through zone, for the safety of the children exiting their cars and walking to the breeze-way.
  • If you want to park, please use the drive farthest from the school to access this lot or use the rear entrance from McConnell Springs Road.
  • The drive closet to the school is for parents NOT seeking to park, but rather dropping their children off and driving away.  There is NO parking in this area!
  • When Drop Off is at its busiest, the rear exit going to McConnell Springs Road is the easiest and most considerate way to leave.   
  • ALL DROP OFFS AND WALK INS MUST OCCUR AT THE BACK BREEZE WAY.  There is to be NO entering either building from the front.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT for us to monitor the flow of your children.  The staff who is on duty for Drop Off is stationed at the back breeze way.  From the front, there is no staff present and some doors may be locked.

We are looking forward to a great Drop Off tomorrow!