Christian Heritage Club Update


Embracing the Past.  Educating the Present.  Equipping the Future.  That is what New Covenant School stands for and it is our goal that EVERY family who wants to have their children here would be able to do so.  That is why we created the Christian Heritage Club.  To create an avenue for people to contribute to our scholarship fund.

We currently have eight families who contribute monthly to the Christian Heritage Club and pray for the school weekly. Their giving totals $370 a month and $4,440 a year.  Those eight families are partnering with NCS to provide money funds that go directly to students who need it.  Will you consider joining them by giving a tax deductible donation monthly and praying for the school weekly?  Simply stated, 10 donors giving $50 a month will contribute an amount exceeding one full scholarship!  

Click here if you are ready to join and be a blessing!