SCISA Update - Guidance Workshop

015106d40bc1b5e04a68ba606fe162d1798205130cMembership has its privileges, or at least that’s how the saying goes. New Covenant School took the step to become SCISA members this year and we are already reaping the benefits. As a service to their members, SCISA offers low-cost workshops and continuing education classes. On September 10th, the annual guidance workshop was held and our guidance counselor, Mrs. Angie Harmon, was able to attend. At the workshop, Mrs. Harmon was able to hear several speakers from higher education institutions such as the financial aid director at a local college, the assistant director of the SC Commission on Higher Education (she is in charge of lottery funded state scholarships), the director of SC Tuition Grants, and the head of SC Independent Colleges and Universities (SCICU). They also discussed many issues such as transcripts, AP and dual enrollment courses, virtual education, and bullying. Mrs. Harmon has brought back many great ideas and will be working to share those with the NCS family.