Grace Cromer, Miss Electric City Teen - Pennies for Preemies

01567aa4b8ec9e064e75d4e7576f8b4d8536ad89f0Miss Electric City Teen, Grace Cromer, recently visited New Covenant School to kick off her Pennies for Preemies fundraiser. Miss Cromer shared with our students how she has a special place in her heart for all babies that are born premature because being a triplet, her and her two brothers were born early.  However, because of the excellent care they received, they are all happy and healthy teenagers now.  Thus, Miss Cromer wants to give back to those who blessed her.  So NCS has been invited to help raise funds by filling their classroom jars for Pennies for Preemies!016a638b961c440a5e62ff928badd8aa5e0f6dc40e 018c0982cb63117269f3c3dc87ed3cd54be64b3a0c 0140ec85c6d324a01c8189e8d4acb92fbdb2daad97