First Semester Exam Schedule

midtermWINTER EXAM SCHEDULE—FINAL WEEK OF SEMESTER IWe will follow a normal schedule with the following exceptions...SCIENCE EXAM DAY:   Wednesday, Dec.17thDress in PajamasCHEMISTRY—1ST/2NDANATOMY—3RD/ 4THALGEBRA I- 5TH [This test will be given over two days.]PHYSICAL SCIENCE-6TH/ 7THMATH EXAM DAY:          Thursday, Dec. 18th CALCULUS, PRE-CAL- 1ST/2NDGEOMETRY- 2ND/3RDALGEBRA I- 5THFRIDAY, DEC. 19TH [DISMISSAL @11:30]  Dress in Tacky Christmas outfit, bring snacks to share for party8:00-8:45          UPPER SCHOOL BREAKFAST [B.Y.O.Breakfast]8:50-9:55          ALL-SCHOOL CHAPEL10:00-11:30      HOLIDAY PARTY—more information later