Hunger Crunch TOURNAMENT!

New Covenant School is excited to announce that we are partnering with Rice Bowls to sponsor a Hunger Crunch Tournament! Rice Bowls is a Spartanburg based non-profit that partners with 52 orphanages in 8 different countries and pays the food budget at the orphanages. (Learn more at
In October, Mr. Rob Wright spoke to our students during chapel about Hunger Crunch, a FREE game in which 100% of in-app purchases go to help feed orphaned kids through Rice Bowls. Rice Bowls has two goals with Hunger Crunch. First, they want to raise a lot of money to feed orphaned kids. Second, they hope to plant the seed in the minds of players (especially kids) that they can do something to fight hunger, whether in our game or by some other means.
Thursday (12/18) begins the New Covenant School Hunger Crunch Tournament, and it ends on January 5. The tournament pits guys vs girls (2 teams) to see who can take out hunger in the game AND the real world. It's a great activity for the holidays! The game can be played at or on an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. To participate in the tournament...
  1. Join your team by following the instructions here  Each team has a code. Enter that code in the game to join.
  2. Share that link and recruit friends to join your team
  3. Spend at least $4.99 in the game. That provides 10 meals!
  4. Track your team's progress at
  5. Email if you have problems
Finally, cool Hunger Crunch wristbands will be sold at lunch on Thursday (12/18) for $2.
May the best team CRUNCH HUNGER!!!
Hunger Crunch in various places: