Guidelines for Selecting a Preschool

It’s all about LOVE!

By: Bailey Rountree, New Covenant Preschool Director

Finding a preschool that fits your family can be a challenging task, especially here in the Bible Belt where christian school options abound. As you begin this often overwhelming process, seek first our all knowing God for His direction! He will guide you. Second, look for a place with lots of love. As a mother, there is nothing more comforting than sending my children to a place where I feel they are loved as I would love them. I believe a preschool can valuably show love in the following four ways.

Love for God

Is the love of God evident and clear in the preschool? This can be seen in the bulletin boards and curriculum but most of all in the philosophy of the school and in the environment of the classrooms and in the character of the preschool staff. Is the preschool trying to make their students good boys and girls or are they focusing on the hearts of their students? Are they addressing all things through the lens of scripture and teaching the words of Colossians 1:17, that “God is before all things and in Him all things hold together?”

Loving Teachers

DSC_0205A preschool where teachers are consistently pointing the students back to the gospel is where you want to be. We are all in need of a Savior and it is so valuable for children to learn such solid truth regularly and at a young age. Also, a place where the teacher is teaching to the whole student (i.e. academically, spiritually, mentally, physically); addressing the behavioral issues as valuable teaching moments for training the students’ hearts and teaching them to love their neighbor as themselves (Luke 10:27). Is the teacher guiding the students in serving one another and showing them how to interact with each other in a loving way? On the flip side, you want to see students obeying their teachers out of love for their teachers and this takes a loving teacher to teach this to her students.

Love of Learning

You want to find a preschool where learning is fun and viewed as a delight. Find a place that is developing life-long learners and equipping students to enjoy the calling God has for their lives. During these crucial early years, letter and number recognition along with color and shape recognition should be a part of each day. You should also see lots of books in the preschool classrooms. Quality puzzles and manipulatives should be used regularly to allow for motor skill development. A preschool is more than babysitting or quality childcare, so there should be structured learning time. However, playtime is very important for preschool aged children, so you will want to see when and how often the students have playtime in the classroom and on the playground.

Loving EnvironmentIMG_3003

A loving environment can look different to each individual based on different personalities, but some “must-haves” for a preschool would be: organization, structure, safety, discipline, peaceful, welcoming, clean and joyful.

A preschool whose primary goal is loving God and equipping His children will automatically blend and overlap the above categories beautifully. In your process of finding a preschool, seek the Lord for wisdom on what is best for you and your family. Doing research on preschool websites is a valuable tool. Then schedule a tour with the school to preview the school without your child. Have a list of questions ready when you go to preview the school.

IMG_2917At New Covenant Preschool we are assisting parents in teaching and training their students to be faithful followers in God’s World and always pointing them to the gospel and their need for salvation. Academically, we are start our students at the first level of the trivium of Classical Education…Grammar or Pre-grammar. We use Abeka Curriculum for our classroom instruction time. We offer classes for K2, K3 and K4. Every morning we start our time together with our Memory Meeting, then each class goes to their classrooms to begin their class time. Class time includes learning letters, numbers, colors, shapes, motor skill development, Bible stories and memory verses and these are done through arts, crafts, manipulatives, and teaching time. If you would like more information about New Covenant Preschool, contact Bailey Rountree, Director, at (864)224-5675 or