Worms + Apples + Shaving Cream = Classical Christian Education?!?

People often have misunderstandings about Classical Christian Education.  They have an idea that it is rigid, stuffy, boring and lots of worksheets.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  For example, when our Kindergarten students learned about apples, they worked with apples, read about them, painted with them, made a snack with them, wrote a recipe, and even put together a book! All with apples!!!  Another example is when our first grade students are learning to read, they use shaving cream (!) on their desks to form the letters!  Or when our elementary students learn about worms, they have REAL, LIVE worms on their desks!  (no virtual learning here!)  This is Classical Christian learning! Learning about God's creation using all five senses!  Be sure to come to our Open House to find out more!

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