Senior Story - Jillian Burchette, Class of 2016


Hi! My name is Jillian Burchette and I am a senior in the 2016 graduating class at New Covenant School. I have thoroughly loved my time at NCS. The teachers have molded my Christian worldview into a very precious blessing. I am beyond grateful for the time invested into it. After I graduate, I hope to attend one of my three candidate schools—Clemson University, College of Charleston, or Covenant College. I wish to study Business and Marketing with Entrepreneurship.  I have been blessed to sign a contract with a modeling agency in NC. I plan to take a trip to New York to find work there over next spring break and summer.  I am very thankful to have had my theological and educational foundations formed at New Covenant School. Nothing can compare to being a NCS student. My advice to the lower classmen would be to really DO the reading homework. The class discussions will only reach the incredible potential they hold if you read the books.  =)