Senior Spotlight - Rebekah Graves

unnamed (1).pngNCS has been a crucial part of my academic and spiritual growth. I have attended this school since kindergarten, and the core part of what makes our school great has remained untouched. We like to say “Things are different here!” and they really are. Every element of our school is centered on what really matters - Christ. We pray before classes, we treat one another with love, and we give credit to the Creator. This has been most prominent in my science classes. We still learn the evolution theories, but from a biblical standpoint. We marvel in the great power of God, and the beautiful complexity of His creation.

New Covenant’s focus on God in science has fueled my desire to continue my education with a science-based degree. After graduation, I am looking forward to attending AU, Clemson, or Wingate University. My plan is to get my BSN in nursing. I pray this will provide an overwhelming opportunity to not only serve those in need, but also show Christ in my behavior and actions, and New Covenant has prepared me for this next step. NCS students should never underestimate the value of a godly environment, where we can freely praise and worship the Lord.