Senior Spotlight - Becca Roth

013ff620c59525e5c1fd9c9346783bb4606e7f7d89I believe my thirteen years at New Covenant School have set the stage for future success. Academically, New Covenant School has shown me how to think critically and logically. Although this has been an emphasis throughout my education, the high school Omnibus literature and history classes cultivated these thinking skills through analyzing original works and discussing them in class. Spiritually, I have learned who I am in relation to God. A family friend once told me, “The most important thing to know about a person is his or her view of God.” I know God to be sovereign, omnipresent, and loving. In relation to God, we’re broken people. The good news is that God executed a plan to redeem His people through His Son. Having these skills and knowing who God is are the foundation for life.

After graduation from New Covenant School, I will attend Anderson University. I am looking forward to continuing my education in a Christian environment. I plan to major in psychology and possibly minor in Spanish and nutrition. One day, I hope to become a therapist.