Senior Spotlight - Adri Cabrales

013ad289fd929eb25f3f137e7317ced331d3758960Transferring to NCS my 9th grade year was one of the scariest experiences ever. Coming into a class of 8, when I was used to classes of 20-25 students was a bit of a shock for me. I was surprised by the kindness and love that I received on my first day. Everyone was friendly and greeted me with open arms. Until then I had not encountered a group of students, much less high schoolers, so willing to step out of their daily routine to welcome a new face. As my high school years at NCS progressed, I built great relationships with my fellow students. The friendships I have made here have felt so genuine, and I know they will be long lasting. That is probably my favorite thing about this small community. And, it is this small, close-knit, caring, and friendly environment that I have found at NCS, that has me looking forward to attending Lander University in the Fall. At Lander, I hope to attend the Honors College and become involved in ROTC. My ultimate goal is to graduate college with a minor in counseling and become a psychiatric mental health nurse. Given the experiences I went through in middle school and high school I believe that this is the field God has called me to be in. Through a lot of prayer and conversation I have come to realize mental health and the military are two areas that interest me. I’m looking forward to see how God is going to merge them into my career and/or life in the future.