Faculty Update - Science

me- professional appearanceNew Covenant School recently hired a new Upper School teacher and is excited to announce that Mr. Kevin Arledge has joined our staff to teach some of science courses and a math class.

Mr. Arledge graduated from Clemson University in 1982 with Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.  He was blessed with a 31 year career in the high reliability electronics manufacturing industry where he worked as a process engineer, an engineering manager, a factory manager, and a world traveling subject matter expert.  

After taking an early retirement from the corporate world, Mr. Arledge decided that he wanted to spend his next career making a difference in the lives of others.  He is a firm believer in Christian education and a Christian worldview.  Last year he was blessed to teach advanced math at a Christian high school.  His goal this year is to be a blessing to the young people at NCS so they in turn will be a blessing to the world around them.  

Mr. Arledge has been married for 31 years.  He and his wife have two grown daughters.

Please join us in welcoming Mr. Arledge to the NCS staff!