Preschool Update

IMG_4959Hello Preschool Families,

The 2016/2017 school year is approaching very quickly!! We are thrilled about coming alongside each of you in teaching and training your children for the Lord. Welcome back to our returning families and a welcome to our new families! The first day of school is Wednesday, August 17. Don’t forget about the Back to School Night BBQ on Monday, August 15 at 6:00 pm (flyer attached).
We have 2 preschool policies that have changed and I want to bring them to your attention as you are planning and preparing for the school year; the 2 policies are shoes and snacks.
1 - Shoes: Closed-toe shoes AND socks are required. We are very active in preschool so closed-toed shoes that fit well are necessary. Also, when the students play on the playground the mulch tends to get in their shoes; having socks on helps to decrease discomfort if mulch does get in shoes.
2 - Snacks:
These snack changes will 1) use the material fee to better provide materials and curriculum for the preschool and 2) give our students better instruction and care by using our aides more effectively and efficiently in interacting with our students instead of prepping snack each day.
Starting in August 2016, each preschool family will be responsible for providing a snack for your preschool student(s). The snack will no longer be covered in the materials fee. Your child will need a snack everyday he/she comes to preschool. Here are the guidelines that need to be followed for preschool snacks:
  • Snack Container: Your child’s snack needs to be in a ziplock bag or in a plastic container that closes tightly and is easy to open and close. If you choose to use a plastic container, please make sure it is labeled.
  • Snack foods that are allowed: dry foods such as goldfish, pretzels, chex mix, fruit, vegetables, raisins, etc.; foods that do not leave too much residue on fingers after being eaten. In preparing your child’s snack, please remember to give them only a snack amount not a lunch portion.
  • Snack foods not allowed: yogurt, gummies, foods with lots of sugar, etc.; any food that is wet or sticky is not allowed due to the food getting stuck in the carpet in the classrooms.
  • Food Allergies: If there are any food allergies within the preschool or a certain preschool class, then the class will be notified as to what foods need to be avoided for snack time.
  • Drink: We will provide water for the students to drink. They will use the dixie cups that were purchased from the class supply list. You DO NOT need to bring a water bottle to school. If your child needs a water bottle for an extracurricular activity, please make sure the water bottle is labeled.
  • Forget to pack a snack: Failure to pack a snack 3 times within a month, you will be charged a snack fee of $15. The snack fee will be applied to each month there is a failure to bring a snack for your child 3 times within that month. The preschool will have a snack on hand in the event you forget to pack a snack. Class party days do not apply to this policy; you will not need to provide a snack on the days your child’s class is having a party.
  • Questions: If you have any questions regarding the preschool snack, do not hesitate to ask the Preschool Director.
Throughout the school year, if you are cleaning out and have any gently used items that would be appropriate for preschool, let me know and I can see if they are items we need in the classrooms. Donation suggestions include dress up clothes, books (teachers can provide specific titles), puzzles, baby dolls, etc.
Looking forward to watching the Lord grow each of your children this year!
For His Kingdom,Bailey RountreePreschool DirectorNew Covenant School