Senior Spotlight - Anna Milford

img_8206-1I have attended New Covenant School from kindergarten through my senior year. Throughout these 13 years I have made many memories and learned abundantly, but I can summarize my time at New Covenant in two words: foundation and family.

I have received a strong foundation from NCS, a foundation that I can build on for the rest of my life. The teachers at NCS have poured their hearts into me and invested in me so that I can continue to grow. My greatest period of growth occurred during my first three years of high school, when I was taught history and literature through the Omnibus curriculum. Learning through the Omnibus curriculum is a great blessing. Mr. Aubry and Mr. Canney used this curriculum to push my fellow students and I to think for ourselves and come to conclusions about the world through a Christian worldview. This foundation will stay with me forever and I am thankful for all the teachers who have played a part in presenting me complete in Christ.

New Covenant is special because of its community. The students at NCS love and care about one another; we want everyone to feel like they can be the person that God created them to be.  All of us have been given different spiritual gifts and we use those gifts to serve one another.  New Covenant School is a family. Next year it will be so strange to not have any classes with my fellow seniors. I have known some of the people in my class for my entire life, others I have only know for a couple years. Despite the changes each school year brought we continued to build stronger friendships. I know that my friendships at New Covenant will last a lifetime because Christ is at the center of our relationships. I encourage all the students at New Covenant to cherish the moments they have with their friends and recognize the blessing of this wonderful learning environment.

Next year, I plan to attend Anderson University, Clemson University, Covenant College, or Southern Wesleyan University to study biology. I hope to build off this degree and become a physical therapist. New Covenant has taught me to serve others and love as Christ loves and I cannot wait to use what I have learned to fulfill that purpose. I am forever grateful for my parents and their desire to send me to a Christian school as it is the greatest gift I have ever received. New Covenant will always be a part of my life and I am incredibly blessed to be a student.