Senior Story - Adam Mortenson

adam-mortenson-ncs-12th-grade-final-0029-2I have attended New Covenant School ever since kindergarten. I am so thankful that my parents sent me to a school where I can learn through a Christian worldview and be taught by some terrific teachers. I’ve seen my fair share of teachers, and I love how at New Covenant I got to have one on one attention in the classroom, while at the same time developing a relationship with them that extended beyond it. New Covenant has provided me an education that, typically, many people do not get a chance to have.

Above all else, the community at New Covenant is great. I love being able to know everybody’s name and forming strong relationships with other students regardless of age. The education at New Covenant is challenging, teaching about art, literature, music, and historical events through a Christian worldview. I learned that learning what something is or what happened cannot be understood without understanding why it happened or was made. NCS has prepared me to think for myself and hold strong in my faith even when my beliefs are questioned.

I think it says a lot about the school when I say that I’m sad it is my last year. Normally seniors are filled with excitement about leaving for college. But, I can say I will miss the community, the Christ-centered education, and the school I have come to love. As far as plans for next year, I am largely undecided about college, having no clue what to major in, but I will likely be attending Clemson or USC next fall. The one thing I do know is that God will guide me toward the correct path though I may not see that path now.