Narnia Day - 2017!

Further Up and Further In to Narnia Day, 2017!

Our third, fourth, and fifth graders recently celebrated Narnia Day by traveling to Timms Mill for fighting, feasting, and fun!

As our students arrived, they were greeted by real Narnian characters such as Mrs. Beaver, Miraz, Mr. Tumnus, Nikabrik, and Aslan (He is not a tame lion, you know). These characters were provided as a special treat by Logo Theatre in Taylors , SC. You can learn about this really neat ministry here.

Additionally, our students were taught how to sword fight (!) compliments of Sir Zan from Fell and Fair, along with archery by our very own Coach Lucas, and finally about blacksmithing compliments of Timms Mill.  After all our training and battling, we of course had to end the day with a true Narnian feast thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Sconyers and many other parents! It was a splendid day, to say the least!

The Chronicles of Narnia are a central part of our curriculum. New Covenant students read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe in third grade and then read two Narnian books per year through 6th grade to complete the series. Then in seventh grade they re-read the entire series, studying the books at a bit more academic level. These are great books that shape and form students as they are exposed to the right kind of stories. Special thanks to Mrs. Alisa Lamb for making this great day happen!

Here are some pictures from our special day! Click to enlarge and enjoy!