Senior Story, Whitner Cann Class of 2018

image1I attended New Covenant School from Kindergarten through 5th grade, then returned my Junior year after 5 years at another private school. When I returned to New Covenant my junior year I made the varsity basketball team and I have enjoyed being part of a State Championship team. I have learned a lot from Coach Miller and it was incredible to have an undefeated season. It was an honor to play with a great team and to go on and win the 1A State Championship. We are having a great season I am looking forward to winning the State Championship again this year.

I have great memories of my years at New Covenant including: hiding in the slide on the first day of K5 from Mrs. Andreasen, performing “Albuquerque, He’s My Turkey” in 2nd grade with Mrs. Wyse’s class, laughing and joking around in Mr. Wilkes class, working on the yearbook staff, and many great year end “field days.” The greatest part of New Covenant is the little things that build lasting memories. Every time I go to sign out, Mrs. Lopez always smiles and tells me to have a good day. Although small instances, they make the New Covenant experience “lit.”

I am looking forward to graduating in May. My plans are to attend Tri-County Technical College in the fall for college transfer classes and then pursue a business degree at Clemson University. I’m thankful for the teachers I have had during my time at New Covenant to prepare me for my future. Go Cavs!