Senior Spotlight, Grayson Hardy

IMG_0462I have been a student at New Covenant School since K-4. I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to grow up in a school that puts God first in everything they do. Perhaps the most important aspect of my education from New Covenant was learning how to think for myself and not just take someone’s word for something. This is a very important skill to have as I move on to college next year where not everyone will have the same beliefs as me.

The past three years I have been able to play on the school basketball team. Being on this team has taught me things that could never be learned in a classroom. It has taught me several skills such as the ability to follow and trust somebody else’s leading but it has also taught me how to be a good leader. Also, being able to say that I won back to back state championships in high school is a pretty cool accomplishment.

After I graduate, I plan on attending Clemson University and studying Animal and Veterinary Sciences. The education that I have received at New Covenant will not only help me excel in the classroom but also in almost any other activity that I might choose to do. I am confident that as I prepare to move on from high school, I have received the best possible education as well as a strong rooting in my faith.