Senior Story, Deacon Shaw Class of 2019

deacon (1)I have been attending New Covenant School since the tenth grade. I originally came here in search of a place with more Christ-like values than my previous school. Initially, I only expected to have the same old classes, but with more well-mannered classmates. Well, New Covenant exceeded my expectations. I realized that something was definitely different when I went into history class and I wasn’t mindlessly copying notes. I was actually prompted to think and reason things for myself. Academically, New Covenant has taught me how to think for myself. Now, I can make an argument and defend it. Each teacher in New Covenant has not only helped me excel in my education further than I thought I could. I even managed to catch up to the rest of my class in my second year of Spanish after coming to the school barely knowing any of the language. With classes like Omnibus helping me grow academically, they also helped me grow spiritually. When I came here, I wasn’t really sure of who God was, but now I have a better understanding of who He is, and that He is a just, powerful, and loving God who has worked out every detail of our lives to come. I’ve also grown closer with the students here. I had never seen a school that had high and middle school lunch together, but it’s not a bad thing. I’m not just familiar with the people in my class, but with the school as a whole.

My plans after I graduate are to major in Graphic Communications at Clemson, and eventually have my own family. My art class will have helped me tremendously if I do major in this course. Part of Graphic Communications will be doing activities such as screen printing on shirts and making things from other materials we used in art class. This school has also taught me how to be a man of God, so I believe I am capable of leading my future family in the path of Christ.

New Covenant School has been a fulfilling experience, and I am glad to be an upcoming graduate. I feel like I better understand the world around me and how to handle it. I am graduating from New Covenant without any regrets of coming here. I believe that the school has done their part, and I am departing complete in Christ.