Teacher Testimony - Mary Long

mary (1)In my career as a teacher, I have worked in a few different schools.  I have really enjoyed working at each of these institutions but the one place that stands out to me is New Covenant school!  I have many reasons I love New Covenant but three things stand out to me as I reflect on my love for it!

NCS is a place where all are free to talk about God, praise God, sing to God, and live as He designed us to live, glorifying Him and enjoying Him forever!  It doesn’t matter if we are reading a story, solving a math problem, or playing at recess. Honoring and glorifying Him is at the center of all we do! I love this!

Another reason I love this special school is the community. There is a love for each other that makes this a joyful place to be.  If I walk in and am having a rough day, I can count on a smile, a hug, a chat, or even a prayer to brighten my day. The students, parents, teachers, and administrators are all working and living together in unity.  What a blessing!

Finally, I love the classical way we are teaching the students.  We are looking at how they best learn at every age and then using methods that support where they are at developmentally, physically, mentally and spiritually.  In instructing them about God’s world, we are respecting how he designed them instead of trying to teach them with methods that might not be suitable for where they are developmentally.  

Again, I could go on and on about this school!  The administration, the board, the parents, the curriculum, the church that supports us, the facilities are all things I could mention!  WELOVNEWCOV!