On Friday, November 9th, New Covenant students were able to Serve Others In Love as part of our Day of Service Campaign. This year students served at Anderson Pregnancy Care, the Anderson Free Clinic, Habitat for Humanity, Calvary Home for Children, Meals on Wheels, and Brookdale Senior Living. Additionally our students packed Buddy Backpacks for children with extended stays at MUSC, visited the Fire Station on Simpson Road, and packed Nutrition In Case of Emergency (NICE) bags for Meals on Wheels. It was a unique and special day of loving our neighbors in the community.

As part of our campaign, our students sought out sponsors who would support them while they performed this much needed service. I am excited to announce that New Covenant School had $35,610.60 contributed! Over $7,100 of that has been designated for our Science and Technology Fund! THANK YOU to every who prayed, contributed, and served with us!  This is a campaign that has truly made a difference in the lives of others and in the ministry of our school!

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