Senior Story, Alyosha Truman - Class of 2019

Alyosha TrumanI have been attending NCS for 5 years. When I found out my parents were going to start sending me to school I became very nervous because I had never been to school before. On my first day there I realized that all my worries were pointless. Everybody at NCS was very nice and all the teachers were very sweet. I also met my three best friends Alex, Jayyycooob, and Houston.

The education at NCS was extraordinary. I got to learn so much about the Bible and read so many books like Gilgamesh, The Aeneid, and The Odyssey that even kids in college don’t get to read.

One of my favorite memories from NCS is winning back to back to back basketball state championships. We did again this year! Another favorite memory of mine was doing the SOIL project. It was fun splitting up into our “houses” and going and delivering food to people who are in need. New Covenant is a great school that has taught me so much and given me an education boost.