Senior Story - Allison Dutterer, Class of 2019

Allison DuttererI have attended New Covenant School since the third grade. It has benefited me in many different ways. I am particularly thankful for the Omnibus curriculum. Through Mr. Wilkes and Mr. Canney, I have been taught how to articulate my thoughts clearly as well as write proficiently. The Omnibus teachers have done an excellent job of preparing me for college by not just spoon feeding me answers but allowing me to really think through difficult questions. NCS has been like my extended family throughout the years.

We have a very tightly knit community that I hope will continue to last in New Covenant School. Another thing I love about this school is the service work students have the opportunity to participate in. New Covenant has had a missions class in the past and we went and served at various places like Brookdale (Anderson Place), AIM, and The LOT Project. These are just a few examples of how New Covenant is involved in giving back to the community. I also have appreciated how flexible this school has been. My freshman year I took Spanish one, but that summer I went to France and gained the desire to learn the language. New Covenant has allowed me to take online French classes in place of Spanish. I have loved all of my ten years at NCS. I have signed a letter of intent to go to a Erskine College and play volleyball. I feel fully equipped with the teachings I have received at New Covenant.