Daniel Graves

New Covenant School is my home. I have attended New Covenant since kindergarten and the school has played a monumental role in my life, as well as in the lives of my family. My mother has been a teacher at the school for many years, so I have spent many hours here outside of typical school hours. From coming during the summers to help her decorate her classroom, to playing basketball in the gym until she was finished with work, I have grown up here. 

Throughout my years at New Covenant, I have seen multiple different headmasters, teachers come and go, and even the dress code altered to allow boys to wear striped polos along with their standard solid ones. But one thing remains unaltered, and that is the goal to raise and instruct students according to Biblical standards, showing them the grace of Christ and shaping the understanding of their identity in Him. 

Academically, New Covenant has pushed me to be the best student that I can be. From open discussion Omnibus classes that taught me how to think for myself, to Logic class which taught me how to properly form an argument, New Covenant has enabled me with the necessary tools to understand not only what I believe and why I believe it, but also how to defend my beliefs. In addition, by offering classes such as Honors Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus, New Covenant has prepared me for the challenges that I will face in higher education. 

Socially, New Covenant has taught me how to be considerate and compassionate to those around me. I have been blessed with authorities who have taught me to think about how the words that come out of my mouth may affect those around me before I raise my voice to speak. The traits that the school has been instilling in me since elementary school have been preparing me for the present moment, to have the ability to lead and to lead well. 

Furthermore, the community and culture at New Covenant have taught me what true friendship is to look like. A true friend is someone who celebrates with you in times of success, comforts you in times of failure, and constantly encourages you to your best. Spiritually, New Covenant has taught me the greatest lessons of all. The school constantly teaches about the person and work of Jesus Christ and how we, as Christians, ought to love and serve Him in our lives. Due to the strong community and body of believers here at New Covenant, I am fortunate to have been surrounded by great leaders and role models for my entire life. 

Perhaps my favorite lesson that I have learned over my time at New Covenant is regarding my identity—that I am who I am because of what Christ has done, not because of the grades I earn on an exam. As far as the future is concerned, I plan to attend Clemson University, North Carolina State University, or the Georgia Institute of Technology and pursue a degree in Industrial Engineering. I feel confident in the foundation in which New Covenant School has rooted me, and I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for my life.