100th Day of School!

Today New Covenant School students celebrated their 100th day of school!  Students were invited to wear their favorite t-shirt along with joining in by partnering to wear 100 pairs of jeans.  Preschool and Grammar School classes met together to do 100 piece puzzles, students counted 100 snacks and much more!  Enjoy the below photos from a fun day!IMG_0134 IMG_0135 IMG_0136 IMG_0137 IMG_013901a13524ebc9c1809d1cd4908c20d42614e01650ab 01b57c4efe16a2b730693aa1fcc00d0420cf7b6ff3 01ba44660f7ce834573dbfbf1ebec38c2b224d5d6d 011bd4e8a40c3c9190627fec67d442e90b423d99c2 01491c979a5c305bdc945e7ed91844d7b8b66bc5c3