Senior Story, Anna Doroshchak - Class of 2019

AnnaD(1)I joined New Covenant School in the tenth grade. On coming here one of the things that first stood out to me was the friendly and family like atmosphere. All my worries about making friends quickly disappeared. From my three years  at this school a big highlight for me was going to chapel every Friday. Singing hymns together with my fellow students left me with a sense of unity and peace. Going to NCS has benefited me academically as well. Before New Covenant I despised all my mathematical classes but upon my arrival to the school my like and interest in this subject has greatly grown and I even found myself anticipating this class every day. When I graduate I plan to go into the medical field and become a travel nurse. NCS has taught me to work hard for the things I wish to achieve and I feel this will greatly contribute to the success of my future college education and career.